Thoughtful Code: Above the Hubbub

Thoughtful Code isn’t a thing yet. But it’s going to be soon. If you have thoughts about this almost thing, send them to david via the domain. Thanks!

Problems you have that Thoughtful Code’s WordPress package hopes to solve:

  • You feel like they don’t really understand the whole of WordPress and how it all fits together down to the server level
  • You feel like you’re unable to full grok the intuitions that underpin the systems you rely on and never really feel comfortable as a result
  • You don’t know why you would use many of the things you hear about people using — you instead feel a general sense of dread when certain topics come up because you’re scared of them
  • You don’t know how to use the technologies that you’re using — how do Widgets work, what do I need to do to use the REST API

What is Thoughtful Code?

At the most concrete level, it’s a still-evolving idea that David Hayes has committed himself to making happen by the end of the year.

  1. We’ll never over-hype you about the realities of things that won’t really save your life. It’s not true that  Angular makes code painless. Elixir is not what gets you out of the mire of bad code.
  2. People first. This is about you and your learning, not about the shiny new technologies or old tricks I’ll show you.
  3. Clarity about trade-offs is imperative for real decision-making.

Why David?

Because he’s smart and talented. He educates people because he cares.

  • David has been educating people to program since he was 13 (not continuously)
  • I’ve loved computer’s from my earliest breaths, and have an unencumbered interest in understanding them better. I don’t know it all, but ask me for help and I’ll get on it quick

Why Wait?

No reason. Add you email address below and you’ll be notified as things get done.